Me - Broken

geminus_rpg - Genesis

Frozen in place, I see Fred running in my direction, calling out my name. But I can't look at her long, because soon I'm blinded, shielded in white light all around me, and then, just as quickly as it came, the light source is gone, leaving us in darkness.

Blinking, I focus my eyes as the light returns.


She doesn’t answer me. My vision finally clears, and I’m still standing in the middle of the mirrors in the lab, the generator connected to them humming – though in strange half-broken way – but Fred isn’t there. The last thing I remember was her running toward me. Where is she? I pray that nothing happened to her.

“Fred?” I call again, only to receive no answer again. So against my better judgment... “Knox?”

He doesn’t answer either. What the hell is going on? I start wondering if I’ve been caught in one of those science fiction shows Fred likes to watch. Or maybe I’m like Spike was when he first arrived at the firm, non-corporeal, in-between worlds.

Or maybe I’m just reading too much into a power outage.

I go into Fred’s office to see if she went in there, and the minute I touch the door, I immediately know I haven’t gone the route of the ghostly. But she isn’t there, so I still don’t know what’s going on. I quickly head for the main office level – it’s late, so most of the employees have gone home, but Harmony is still at her desk.

“Harmony, have you seen Fred?” I ask as I come down the stairs. “We were just in the lab and—.”

Her eyes look they’re about to pop out of their sockets. “She left a little while ago. With Angel, Spike”

“Me?” She must be winding me up. “You must be mistaken, considering I’m standing right in front of you.”

“No mistake. She left with you!” she insists. “This isn’t like, Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something is it?”

Shaking my head, I rub my eyes with my thumb and forefinger. “This is nothing of the sort. Just a very bad practical joke, obviously.” I reach for her phone, hoping that Fred has her mobile on her, wherever she is.

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