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watchersreunion: Seeing a former lover again

Wesley sat in his office, tapping his pen against the desktop as he stared at the source book in front of him. He must have read the same page at least four times now, and still he hadn't managed to absorb the information he had called up. Sighing, he put the pen down to push himself away from the desk and stood up, rubbing his hand over the bottom of his face.

Rupert was coming to the firm. In fact, it was quite probable that he was there already, down in Fred's lab. So, Rupert was there, and he was up here, waiting for him to arrive in his office as he knew he would since Fred had said she needed his help in this situation with Spike as well.

It had been two days since Fred had told him that she had called Willow to ask for her help and that Rupert would be flying to Los Angeles instead since the witch was unavailable. And for those two days, he had been trying to figure out what he would say the moment Rupert walked through that door. How could he explain what he had done, leaving while Rupert was out, flying back to England without a word?

At the time, when the notice had come from the Council - from his own father, no less - it had seemed the only thing to do. And after he had done it, he had known that returning to Rupert's life would have been impossible. He had hurt him badly with what he had done even though he had done it to try to protect the man he...loved.

So he had been practicing what he wanted to say to him, what he had tried to tell him so many times on the phone and had never been able to say. But the moment he heard the door open and turned to see Rupert standing there, files in his hand, everything went completely out the window.

"Rupert," he said softly. "I--we're glad you've come."

He stared at him for a moment, wanting to say more, but he couldn't make it come out. He wanted to reach out to him too but didn't dare touch him either.

"Wo--would you like to sit down? Fred appears to have weighed you down with quite a bit of information there."
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